CEO Speech

Over the past 20 years, Ningbo Jin Mao Import & Export Co., Ltd. has always been adhering to the principle of “People-oriented, Harmony & Win-win, Gathering Talents, Making Good Achievements”, and been striving to developing into a first-class large-scale foreign trade enterprise.

We have experienced hardships but success at very end. In the storms of market reform, Jin Mao has won the trust, understanding, care and support from the majority of users with quality products and integrity management as well as customers near and far. Over the past 18 years, we have developed into a diversified comprehensive import and export enterprise with the annual sales volume growing from 10 million US dollars to over 100 million US dollars. We always rely on providing most excellent products, advanced supply chain concept and the most thoughtful service to meet customers’ demands to the hilt and realize the highest value of the enterprise accordingly.

Looking forward to the future, we are striving to forge ahead and make new achievements. Under the new era of economic development, the situation domestically and abroad is rapidly changing. This not only brings new risks and challenges to the development of enterprises, but also new opportunities constantly. Quality carries the dream, the speed decides the future. In the face of new challenges and opportunities, we will work together with all our friends, work hard and do everything in our power to push the company’s development strategy to a new stage in the spirit of making innovation continuously.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to all those people who have worked hard, who helped sincerely and who supported enthusiastically for Jin Mao’s journey ahead; to all employees who have contributed to Jin Mao, for without your diligence and wisdom, there would be no constant development of Jin Mao; to all the partners that cooperate with Jin Mao sincerely, for without your sincerity, understanding and long-term trust, there would be no constant growth of Jin Mao; and to all leaders at all circles that care for Jin Mao, for without your warm assistance, Jin Mao would not be able to overcome difficulties and grow constantly.