• Canton Fair

    Canton Fair

    In April 15th, the 121th canton fair opened in Guangzhou. Ningbo Jin Mao Import and Export company sent dozens of excellent salesmen to negotiate business with the global foreign merchants in the exhibition, and strive to deal with success.
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  • 108th anniversary of International Women’s Day

    108th anniversary of International Women’s Day

    To commemorate the 108 anniversary of the International Women’s day and enrich the cultural life of the emplyees, strengthen staff cohesion.The company’s labour union decided to carry out some activities to celebrate the festival.The employees can learn the earliest Neolithic culture in ...
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  • Labour union of Jin mao

    Labour union of Jin mao

    1.Establish and improve the institutional framework of the union, strengthen leadership over union work, organize and participate in training and study activities organized by superior trade union, and enhance the professional quality and work level of trade union cadres. 2.Strictly implement the...
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  • Anti-dumping in Peru

    In June 2012, the Peruvian investigation authorities launched an anti-dumping investigation into 14 categories of Chinese clothing and accessories products. The Textile Chamber of Commerce organized 26 enterprises to participate in the lawsuit. At the same time, 10 companies responded to ques...
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