Women’s fashion


Established in 2006, Ningbo Jin Mao Import & Export Co., Ltd. textile branch is a professional team integrating garment design, production, sales and various related services. First, main products knit / woven adult clothing and children's clothing. Clothing made from thin, thick and functional fabrics. Clothing made from cotton, CVC, T/C, T/R, Polyester, etc. Second, service provided 1, OEM 2, according to the buyer’s sample and the needs to produce suitable clothing in the right enterprise . 3, design assistance 1)According to the market demand of buyers, we provide 3-4 quarters(of a year) of new clothing design for buyers to choose from. 2)Before the beginning of the new selling season,we will work together with buyers to carry out the pre-design for the selling market. 3)With buyer's modification to the specific styles of clothing, we can improve the cost performance and make it more suitable for selling in the specific market. Third, provide a full range of tracking services in the production process. Let buyers understand and master every detail and process in production. Fourth,according to storage, transportation and customer service, we will be in accordance with the buyer's request of vessel booking and ship the goods on time.Knowing the sales of end market and reflection of the user. Fifth, Provide pre-professional and full-time services such as quotation and proofing.

Cooperation factories

Our team has established strong production bases in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Henan, and Anhui. We can place orders into suitable factories for production according to the needs of the buyers' markets. What is appropriate? Different quality products with different prices should be placed in different factories, but they must be produced in suitable factories. The finished product must satisfy the consumer's demand of the product quality and the price. fa
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